Welcome to FNQ – or at least my version of it.


Photography businesses are like Hydras. You need to be able to do lots of different things to keep them running. In a changing digital world the nimble photographer needs to be able to do a variety of photography-related things to float through the ups and downs of this crazy business.

For me that means for the past nearly 20 years doing travel photography (60 countries and counting), creating image databases for large corporations, as well as various editorial and commercial jobs in the local area.

I am also represented by three stock agencies throughout the world which means that, whenever I can, I try and get out and about and photograph this beautiful part of the world I live in.

Unfortunately many of those images never see the light of day on my regular Instagram and Facebook pages because I tend to post a lot of my international work there. So I thought this would be a nice place for me to post images of little-known places of beauty that people might like to visit, as well as portraits of the characters that make this part of the world so special.

I envision this place as my own personal little sketchbook, enabling me to show the amazing beauty that this part of the world has to offer. If it helps people plan their holidays, or discover new places to explore then that will make me happy.

Welcome to the page and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Paul 2017

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