OK, I have a favourite

mossman gorge daintree rainforest tree root buttress
A buttress root tree in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest, Mossman Gorge section.
Of course no visit to far north Queensland would be complete without a visit to the rainforest. There are lots of places to visit the rainforest in this part of the world and I’m probably not supposed to have a favourite but I do, and this is it.

Just north of Port Douglas is the tiny town of Mossman, gateway to the stunning Mossman Gorge.

For my money this is the most beautiful little patch of rainforest in the area. But there’s a trick to getting the most out of it. Many people who visit here do so on tours, with a limited amount of time to experience this delightful place.

So they go as far as the nearby Mossman River, take a few selfies, turn around and come back again. But if you venture across the swing bridge at the head of the walk it will take you deep into the forest and a world away.

Giant trees such as this one, pristine waterholes fed by crystal clear creeks, the call of the Wompoo Pigeons echoing through the forest while Brush Turkeys scramble dilligently here and there.

By no means a difficult walk (there is a clear loop path all the way) you could happily spend hours in here photographing all the trees and plants. Even if you’re not a photography buff the walk itself could easily take an hour if you take your time and appreciate the peace and quiet.

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