Never smile…

saltwater estuarine crocodile
A saltwater crocodile at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures

Crocodiles are in the news a lot lately in this part of the world. Some claim there are too many of them, some that the numbers haven’t bounced back since the days they were decimated by hunting. They certainly seem to be popping up in a bunch of unusual places.

Wherever the truth lies, the fact is they are a part of life in far north Queensland. It means that you really do have to be careful around rivers and lakes.

Kids up here have it drummed into them regularly. Stay away from the edges of rivers. Fishing is an addiction for many up here, including my two boys, and I have had to read them the riot act on a couple of occasions for getting too close to rivers where they know crocodiles are. We saw a very big one just a little while ago in a river ten minutes from our house.

If you’re a visitor are you likely to see one in the wild? Well if you know where to look maybe, or if you hop on a tour boat up in the Daintree most definitely. But if you want to be 100% certain then a visit to somewhere like where this photo was taken – Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures – is a guaranteed way to see this magnificent creatures.

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