It ain’t all green

undara lava tubes sunrise landscape
A crow flies into a tree at sunrise at Undara

Near the coast the colour palette is predominantly blue and green. Where the rainforest meets the reef.

But head a couple of hours inland and the scenery is completely different. Lush, tropical rainforest is replaced by dry scrub and eucalypts.

And the sunrises! There’s nothing like the blood red sky in a dry landscape. Throw in an interesting looking tree and a crow flying into it at the moment I push the shutter and you have the makings of a great moment captured.

This image was taken at Undara, roughly three hours west of Cairns, and has never been published before. As a photographer with a deep collection of photographs from this part of the world it really is a joy to be able to share never-before-seen images with an audience. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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