Of Palms and blue skies

mission beach dunk island far north Queensland tropical paradise
A palm tree on Mission Beach, far north Queensland, Australia

This place really is a cliche. Albeit an extremely beautiful cliche where you could happily spend the rest of your days.

Late last year I was on a photo shoot for the YHA. Over five beautiful days I photographed four wonderful kids (I can call them that when they’re half my age!) as they enjoyed all the region has to offer.

Including this magnificent palm tree on the beach at Mission Beach, with Dunk Island in the background. Of course before I could get to work my eldest son had to make sure the tree wasn’t going to fall over. Or, more likely, he was aiming to get his own hero shot for his Instagram!

On a scheduled shoot you can never predict what the weather will do, particularly during the wet season, but in this particular case we were rewarded with perfect weather.

Only a two hour drive south of Cairns, Mission Beach is one of our favourite places to go for a short break away from it all.

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