Always visit the library

library architecture cairns building queensland
The Cairns City Library in Abbott St, in the heart of Cairns

I love books, and as a by-product of that I love libraries. I always try to visit libraries whenever I’m travelling, even if I don’t speak the language or have any idea what the books say.

Libraries are a great insight into the culture of a place, and they are often to be found in beautiful buildings. I have many fond memories of growing up in Melbourne and spending many hours doing my homework in the domed reading room of the Melbourne Library.

Here in Cairns our library is situated in a beautiful old building which used to be the Cairns City Council Chambers. It’s a great place to sit down on the comfy chairs with a magazine while drinking a cup of coffee (you can get one from the vending machine inside).

On the library grounds there are some huge trees which are the nesting spots of Flying Foxes – a beautiful species of local bat. These are a popular tourist site in themselves but definitely take a walk through the stately columns and enjoy the peace and quiet of the library. As an added bonus the air-conditioning makes a great escape from the overwhelming Summer heat.

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