Reflections on green

visitor information centre botanic gardens cairns queensland rainforest
Reflections in the glass of the Botanic Gardens Visitor Information Centre in Cairns


A big part of my business is helping large organisations get a handle on their extensive image libraries. This includes local government departments, who often have more than ten years worth of digital images haphazardly stuck in multiple folders on a central server, with nobody really having any idea where anything is.

So I come in and spend a month or so going through everything with a fine tooth comb and come out at the end of it with a fully catalogued, searchable database of a lean, taut photo archive. If you know anyone wrestling with their photo archive send them my way!

Anyway, one of the places I recently spent a month or so helping out was in this building. The Botanic Gardens Information Centre houses a series of offices for Council staff. The outside is a beautiful design totally encased in giant mirrors which reflect the surrounding rainforest. A simply stunning piece of architecture that made it a pleasure to go into work every day.

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