Josephine Falls

Yesterday I spoke about the avoidance of icons. This picturesque place is one of those places. Although it is increasingly popular with tourists and visitors, with a couple of day trip tours now stopping off here, Josephine Falls is very much a local hang-out. You see that sheet of flat rock at the top of... Continue Reading →

It isn’t just about the highlights

In travel and tourism we have a tendency to hit the highlights. Fair enough, with a limited amount of time we want to go where everybody else does. The landmarks. The icons. But if you have the opportunity to go beyond those spots there is a plethora of beautiful little rainforest spots to explore in... Continue Reading →

Photography is patience personified

When you get to control all the elements life can certainly be a lot simpler. But for editorial and documentary photographers that's often not the case. We're there to observe and capture what is happening around us. This is how I like to work when I'm travelling, or trying to capture images for my own... Continue Reading →

Green Island scientists

The weather forecast was looking beautiful for the week I James Cook University called asking whether I was available to head out to Green Island with their researchers to photograph their field research on water quality. Seriously? I had my bathers on before I even got off the phone! I love the work I get... Continue Reading →

Swedish bananas

Another funny thing about the internet is that people seem to find me and my pictures from all over the globe. Sometimes that leads to work that is both unexpected and a lot of fun. This was an image I shot on assignment for a Swedish newspaper of all places. I received an email from... Continue Reading →

Innisfail’s hidden treasure

One of the joys of being able to publish your own images and words is the chance to show things that might not necessarily get deserved promotion. Tourism bodies often end up promoting the big-ticket items, which while in and of themselves are usually worth the rave reviews, oftentimes small, out-of-the-way attractions get overlooked. One... Continue Reading →

No brains, no fear

One of the joys of being a parent is you get to photograph your children doing death-defying stunts whilst looking through a viewfinder! The first time my son dropped off the edge of the big bowl at the Esplanade skate park he was four years old. At that age and size he didn't have enough... Continue Reading →

Tunnels of lava

Over the years I've been out to Undara quite a few times, both privately and with work. It's one of those places where I can honestly say the photos never live up to the reality of how incredible it really is. Imagine giant tunnels formed milennia ago by lava flowing over the landscape. Imagine those... Continue Reading →

Champagne and celebrities

When you live kind of off-the-beaten track you don't often get the call to go and photograph someone famous. Lots of celebrities like to holiday in this part of the world but the last thing I would ever want to do is some sort of horrible paparazzi thing where you follow them around trying to... Continue Reading →

Not a bad place to work

One thing that I really enjoy doing is teaching. Sharing my love of photography with others. Whether it be in the classroom, or out in the field, there's something really special about being able to share something that is such a huge part of my life with a group of like minded people. I don't... Continue Reading →

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