It’s not easy not being green

environment frogs rainforest green tree disease
A couple of sick frogs at Frog Safe, a community group dedicated to helping halt the decline in frog numbers in far north Queensland

In an increasingly polluted world we live in a time where the decisions entrusted to us could make or break our environment. We know what the problems are and if we admit it to ourselves we can also think of ways to try and solve them, or at least stop them in their tracks before they get any worse.

These little guys are a couple of canaries in the coal mine. Frogs. Throughout the world their numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate, and this decrease in numbers should be keeping us all up at night because they are precursors of what awaits other species.

Here in Cairns we have a small group of volunteers who are doing their darndest to monitor the diseases and ailments affecting frogs, and trying to cure as many of them as possible. They are called Frog Safe and you can find their website here.

I spent a little bit of time in there taking a few photographs in the hope that they could use the images to help promote their cause, which I think is very admirable. If you can help them out in any way I would encourage you to hope on their website and get in touch.

In these days where the majority of our politicians seem to either have their heads in the sand when it comes to these issues, or only want to spend our money on things that get them votes, it’s really important that we step up and help in any little way we can.

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