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nature landscape photography mossman gorge port douglas queensland cairns
The beautiful Mossman Gorge, just north of Port Douglas, far north Queensland

Well that was a blunder. I just realised I haven’t posted about the image that serves as this blog’s logo and header.

It’s one of my favourite images, partly because it took a few goes to get successfully and in quite difficult circumstances. Which in and of by itself mean absolutely nothing. Seriously, all you photographers who think that your images should have value because it took you three hours of crawling through mosquito-infested jungle to get? If the photograph is no good it means absolutely zip, zilch, nada.

But I’m getting off track. I’ve mentioned this place before – Mossman Gorge. Probably my favourite place in far north Queensland to spend a couple of hours with or without my camera.

This is the lower part of the Gorge, somewhere where a lot of tourists come to see and swim. At certain times of the day. This wasn’t one of those times. In fact it was so late in the day that the sun had already gone down behind the mountains and it was quite dark in the deep gorge. I had been specifically waiting for it to get this dark.

Oh, some of you are saying, you wanted it dark so you could get a slower shutter speed. Definitely a consideration but not the main one. You see I was waiting for the sun to go well and truly down to lessen the contrast in the scene.

You see those bright rocks in the middle of the creek? And how dark those shadows in the rainforest are? Very, very difficult to capture in one frame on anything but the dullest of the dull lighting conditions. If there is any sun around whatsoever you tend to either blow out the rocks or block up the shadows.

The slow shutter speed meant that the metal platform I was standing on had to be totally still. Any well-meaning tourists asking me what I was photographing and I’d get a blurry photo. So I crossed my fingers that nobody would come, crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t get too dark before I got my shot and got to work. And this is the result.

A reminder that in photography good luck, hard work and patience are your three best friends. The fourth being a spectacularly beautiful subject.

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