All the fun of the fair

cairns queensland fair show fairground festival
Spinning rides at the annual Cairns Show, far north Queensland

One good hint for all your budding travel photographers. If you can, try and schedule your trip around a festival or event.

They’re a great way to capture images of local people having a great time, usually so preoccupied with having fun that they don’t worry about the camera at all.

In fact people are usually so accustomed to being photographed at festivals that they can often be very accommodating as long as you’re polite and friendly in your request.

A photographer’s day by definition is long. The best light happens at the start and finish of the day. In the case of a local Show, the best light continues to well after the sun has gone down.

With modern dSLRs you can pump up your ISO and get nice handheld shots which will stop the motion but where’s the fun in that? Don’t forget to take your tripod and get it out to take slow shutter action shots that really show the movement in things.

Again, like the caves in Chillagoe, you never quite know what you’ll get. How did I get the motion in the rides while having none of the people move? Magic.

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