Play ball!

cairns baseball edmonton sports kids junior
Dodgers player Aaron Cassidy slides into base as Reds player Mirai Dymond waits to catch the ball and tag him out.

If you’re anything like me your kids don’t particularly think you’re very cool. Sure they might have an inkling that what you do for a living is interesting, but for the most part they couldn’t care less.

Unless you make them look cool. My two both play baseball here in Cairns, with my eldest (pictured here) being a bona fide fanatic. This was his first year selected for a Queensland State team so he was very excited.

Anyway, last year in preparation for this year’s baseball season we got a bunch of kids together at our newly-built baseball grounds to photograph a bunch of the older kids to use the images for promotion.

I’m not much help at putting up fences (too short!), can’t cook much in the kitchen and know pretty much nothing about constructing baseball mounds but I do know how to take a nice picture or two! So taking photos of the kids playing during tournaments, as well as setting up opportunities like this when I have the time is my way of giving back to the baseball community where I can.

If you think baseball would be a good sport for your son or daughter to try out then you can find the Cairns Junior Baseball League on Facebook. and also on Instagram, where you can see a whole series of images we took on the night.

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