Champagne and celebrities

kathy lette beach champagne luxury
Author and all-round fantastic woman, Kathy Lette, poses on the beach at Thala Beach Nature Reserve Resort near Port Douglas, Queensland

When you live kind of off-the-beaten track you don’t often get the call to go and photograph someone famous. Lots of celebrities like to holiday in this part of the world but the last thing I would ever want to do is some sort of horrible paparazzi thing where you follow them around trying to get a snap. I can’t imagine anything more intrusive or revolting. I would have loved to have got a selfie with Mark Ruffalo when he was in town though! Huge fan.

Anyway, back to the story, and it was a surprise when I got an email from a UK newspaper asking me if I was available to go and photograph author Kathy Lette while she was staying at the Thala Beach Nature Reserve Resort, which as I mentioned yesterday, I used to run photo tours and lectures at.

I of course knew of Kathy’s work from her novel Puberty Blues to countless television appearances over the years. So I was really looking forward to what would definitely be a fun photo shoot.

And she didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t imagine a more co-operative and friendly portrait subject. It’s always great when your subject is as invested in getting a great shot as the photographer. This was the first of a couple of setups we did on the day, all designed to show her over-the-top bubbly personality. So I arranged to have this massage table and bubbly brought down to the stunning beach for sunrise and away we went.

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