No brains, no fear

scooter skate park cairns esplanade bowl
A young boy rides his scooter at the Cairns Esplanade skate park in far north Queensland

One of the joys of being a parent is you get to photograph your children doing death-defying stunts whilst looking through a viewfinder!

The first time my son dropped off the edge of the big bowl at the Esplanade skate park he was four years old. At that age and size he didn’t have enough momentum to get back out again so I used to have to crawl down and fish him out.

That wasn’t a problem as he got bigger and the stunts got hairier and hairier. Once baseball took over we stopped going here as regularly but it still gives me a lot of joy to see the images we created at this time of his life.

A tip if you want to have your kids co-operate with taking their photo. Always make them look cool. Create photos that they’ll want to share with their friends and they’ll come back to you time and time again to take their photo. Let them make suggestions as to activities they’d like to be photographed taking part in. Pretty soon they’ll be organising photo shoots for you!

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