Innisfail’s hidden treasure

chinese temple innisfail cairns far north Queensland
Incense sticks and a shrine inside the Lit Sing Gung Temple in Innisfail, south of Cairns.

One of the joys of being able to publish your own images and words is the chance to show things that might not necessarily get deserved promotion.

Tourism bodies often end up promoting the big-ticket items, which while in and of themselves are usually worth the rave reviews, oftentimes small, out-of-the-way attractions get overlooked.

One such place for me is the Lit Sing Gung Temple in Innisfail. A little over an hour’s drive south of Cairns, Innisfail is in the heart of the Cassowary Coast. Ostensibly an area known for its agriculture, many people drive straight through the town on their way north to Cairns, or on their way south to well-known tourist destinations such as Mission Beach and Paronella Park.

But if you take some time to stop off you’ll find a lovely town with fantastic art-deco architecture, friendly people and some great delicatessens, thanks to a large Italian community.

Being a sugar-cane town means that, back in the day, many immigrants flocked to the area to work in the fields. One of those communities was the Chinese community, and this small temple is a lovely tribute and reminder of this cultural influence. Definitely worth dropping in to on your way through.

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