Swedish bananas

agriculture bananas farming farmer plantation crop
A machete is the tool of choice for banana farmers in Tully, far north Queensland.

Another funny thing about the internet is that people seem to find me and my pictures from all over the globe. Sometimes that leads to work that is both unexpected and a lot of fun.

This was an image I shot on assignment for a Swedish newspaper of all places. I received an email from a young lady who had spent time on a working holiday in Australia, and as part of her visa requirements had spent some time working on this banana farm in Tully, a small town a couple of hours south of Cairns.

She had written an article about her experience, her first ever, and it had been accepted for publication in a national newspaper in Sweden as long as she could provide good photos. Unfortunately she didn’t have any good photos – she was too busy working to take any!

So she contacted me to see if I would be available to go down for a photo shoot. So down I went for an overnight stay before getting up in the pitch dark to get to the farm as the workers’ day started.

I had a great day photographing the very-hard working people (many of them backpackers earning some extra money) in the fields as well as the packing yards. It’s experiences like this that honestly make photography the best job in the world for anybody with a curious mind who loves meeting new people and having new experiences.

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