Photography is patience personified

palm tree silhouette woman port douglas
A young woman drinks from a bottle of water under silhouetted palm trees on the foreshore at Port Douglas

When you get to control all the elements life can certainly be a lot simpler. But for editorial and documentary photographers that’s often not the case. We’re there to observe and capture what is happening around us.

This is how I like to work when I’m travelling, or trying to capture images for my own library. I took a drive up to Port Douglas one morning before sunrise and wandered down to the foreshore.

I was photographing the palm trees in the opposite direction of these ones, and playing with their shadows on the ground when I noticed this woman walking along towards the silhouetted area. I thought it might make an interesting shot to have her walking between the trunks.

Well you can imagine my surprise and delight when she decided to stop and take a swig (that’s Aussie for drink!) from her water bottle! Photography really is a waiting game and is very dependent on good old luck to help you get great images. You’ve just got to be in the right place and wait for things to happen.

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