It isn’t just about the highlights

nature landscape photography cairns far north queensland rainforest
A flowing creek and large-rooted tree in Dalrymple Gap, south of Cairns

In travel and tourism we have a tendency to hit the highlights. Fair enough, with a limited amount of time we want to go where everybody else does. The landmarks. The icons.

But if you have the opportunity to go beyond those spots there is a plethora of beautiful little rainforest spots to explore in this part of the world. And many of them you can have all to yourself because nobody except the locals knows about them, or even if they do they haven’t got the time or inclination to go exploring.

This is one perfect example. Dalrymple Gap. To be honest with you, I’d never heard of it either. But an email from Lonely Planet changed all that. I was a contracted photographer with their Images subsidiary for many years before they were bought out by Getty.

I’ve featured in dozens of their guidebooks from Japan to England, Thailand to Zambia, but I had never really done a hell of a lot for them locally. Until they got in touch to tell me that they had been commissioned to produce an in-flight destination guide for Qantas and they were short of images from a lot of places in this part of the world. They wondered if I was interested in spending a couple of months out and about getting images. Silly question really!

So off I went photographing all sorts of sights and sites. I got to see a side of far north Queensland that I had never really experienced before, despite being a local after having lived here for more than 5 cyclones!

I’ll definitely be sharing some of these beautiful places as we go along. Some of them will be really close, some of them will require a bit of a drive, but they’re all within handy distance for the adventurous traveller.

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