Josephine Falls

waterfall josephine falls cairns far north queensland
The popular Josephine Falls, a short drive south of Cairns, far north Queensland

Yesterday I spoke about the avoidance of icons. This picturesque place is one of those places. Although it is increasingly popular with tourists and visitors, with a couple of day trip tours now stopping off here, Josephine Falls is very much a local hang-out.

You see that sheet of flat rock at the top of the frame? When the water is flowing it forms a natural water slide that will keep the kids (both big and little!) occupied for hours. Like any of our rainforest streams you have to be careful swimming here because when we have a lot of rain (like during our rainy season) it can suddenly flow very fast and very strong, catching unsuspecting swimmers unawares.

Many is the time a rescue team has been called here to get some poor hapless tourist off a rock in the middle of the river. If the least they suffer is a bit of embarrassment then that is a good thing.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I didn’t place those leaves in the foreground. Mother Nature put them there to help my photographic endeavours!

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