Roadside honesty

To be honest with you I don't know if this is purely an Australia thing. I've been to nearly 60 countries world wide and I don't recall seeing this custom anywhere else. Side of the road. Middle of nowhere. A little table with a cover set up offering local produce for sale. But nobody there... Continue Reading →

Food glorious food

Food photography. It's a whole specialty to itself. Eager diners happily snap their meals before posting them to all manner of social media for their friends and followers to drool over. I don't do that. In fact I've usually completely finished eating by the time I realise I should probably take a picture. But that... Continue Reading →

Froggies and bananas

Sometimes the photo gods bless us. Often they just leave us fuming but every so often they throw us a bone. That was the case for this photo. I had been photographing a banana farm for a morning down in the small town of Tully, a couple of hours south of Cairns. At this stage... Continue Reading →

The sun always shines

There's an unwritten law in travel and tourism photography. Well, it might actually be written somewhere for all I know. It's that unbreakable. And that is, the sun always shines. Finding pictures of rainy days in any tourism destination photography is a pretty unlikely scenario. Good thing for us editorial photographers that that rule doesn't... Continue Reading →

Another aerial option

Before anybody mentions it, I forgot another aerial option yesterday! Of course this is only really an option in well-known travel destinations, but increasingly hot air ballooning is offered all around the world. Here in far north Queensland there are a number of operators who can get you up into the sky for wonderful views... Continue Reading →

The world from above

Getting up above the world is a great way to get a whole new perspective on a landscape. You can put things in a perspective not possible from the ground, and use a longer lens to isolate parts of the environment to create abstracts from nature. If you haven't gone the drone route however (and... Continue Reading →

Canoodling Galahs

This is one of my favourite images. When I first looked up at these two galahs, a small pink and grey parrot found here in Australia, the two birds were far apart from each other. But as I was watching them the left hand bird slowly started shuffling along the wire to his friend on... Continue Reading →

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