Lizard by name, paradise by nature

Lizard IslandFilm 002 006
A swimmer enjoys the pristine waters off Lizard Island in far North Queensland.

Another one of those gigs where you’re pretty much packed and on the plane before you’ve hung up the phone.


Destinasian is a wonderful travel and lifestyle magazine run out of Indonesia. They called me up to see whether I’d like to spend a couple of days photographing a luxury, no kids, island resort accessible only by small plane. I’d have to endure staying in a room that costs more per night than my mortgage costs in five months.

To tell you the truth they had me at no kids! So I spent a couple of days photographing the rooms, the pools, the restaurants and this. The glorious beach.

One of the few magazines still doing everything with medium format print film, I dusted off my Pentax 645 but also took my regular cameras to get some shots on the side.

Jobs like this don’t come along every day, despite what the gurus trying to sell you their latest ‘succeed in photography’ courses might tell you. But when they do they’re a lot of fun interspersed amongst the hard work.

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