Tiny bursts of life

mushroom orange nature photography cairns babinda
Tiny orange fungi in the Babinda Boulders National Park, south of Cairns

If there’s one thing an editorial and stock photographer discovers pretty quickly it’s that if you’re assigned to photograph something you need to go deep.

In this era of $1 stock photography and millions of images being added to Social Media accounts all over the world every second, well you just can’t compete against that by only shooting the surface.

What I mean by that is that if you visit an area, take the Babinda Boulders south of Cairns, you can’t just shoot the cliches. There are already a million pictures of the swimming hole, the big rocks on the lower creek. Sure you have to photograph these because all magazines will want to run these pics, but you have to also look for the things that complete the story.

In this case I really liked these tiny orange fungi sitting on a fallen log beside the track. Does this image get used as much as the images of the well-known places? Not really, but it’s an essential image to have if somebody comes to you wanting a complete story about a particular subject.

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