The long drop to beat all long drops

waterfall nature photography landscape wallaman falls cairns
Australia’s longest single-drop waterfall – Wallaman Falls, south of Cairns

Another fact of doing assignment photography is that you often have to photograph something when you’re there. Not when you’d like to be there, but when you schedule dictates you have to be there. And that’s when it’s up to you to do the best you can with the lighting conditions mother nature throws at you.

Take this image of Wallaman Falls, south of Cairns. This is Australia’s longest single-drop waterfall at 268 metres. Spectacular at any time of day, but surely more spectacular at any time but the middle of the day!

Which was when my schedule had me here, and only for a very brief stop before I hit the next destination on my list. A recipe for the best possible photography? By no means. But we get paid to overcome these obstacles.

Anybody can pull a beautiful image out of perfect conditions. What separates the wheat from the chaff is being able to get a publishable photo (notice I said publishable not perfect) in any condition. Coming back with nothing is never an option.

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