The sun always shines

millaa millaa falls atherton tablelands cairns queensland
Tourists brave the wet and wild conditions to view Millaa Millaa Falls on the Atherton Tablelands

There’s an unwritten law in travel and tourism photography. Well, it might actually be written somewhere for all I know. It’s that unbreakable. And that is, the sun always shines. Finding pictures of rainy days in any tourism destination photography is a pretty unlikely scenario.

Good thing for us editorial photographers that that rule doesn’t apply to us. In fact getting out and about when the rain is bucketing down can be a really good way of getting imagery that goes beyond the ordinary cliches.

I was traipsing around the Atherton Tablelands with another photographer friend and we wound up at Millaa Millaa Falls. A popular spot for tours we figured there would be some people there, and sure enough bus loads of tourists were stood around in the rain for a quick selfie before hopping back on for the next stop.

I set myself up with a long telephoto lens in order to bring the waterfall nice and close and waited for some people to walk into the viewfinder. I happily snapped the shutter as these two very photogenic bright yellow raincoats wandered into view. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my mate running frantically towards me as he realised the photo opportunity he was missing out on.

Alas by the time he got there they’d moved on. It’s always nice to get one up on your mates! 🙂

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