Froggies and bananas

R098 Tully banana factory frog
A white-Lipped green tree frog hitches a ride on a bunch of bananas at a Tully Banana farm in far north Queensland.

Sometimes the photo gods bless us. Often they just leave us fuming but every so often they throw us a bone.

That was the case for this photo. I had been photographing a banana farm for a morning down in the small town of Tully, a couple of hours south of Cairns. At this stage I was concentrating on the people washing the bananas in giant troughs of water. They kept on telling me that they often see frogs but I hadn’t had any luck.

Then just as I was about to pack up and head for home this little fella shows up. I had to be quick. A couple of snaps of the shutter and he leapt off to who-knows-where. There are so many things I would improve in this shot if I had another shot, but sometimes you’ve just got to press the shutter first, then hope you get a second bite of the cherry (or in this case banana!). Unfortunately it was a one-shot deal.

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