Surrounded by nature

One thing about living in a semi-rural area is you can become a bit blase to the beauty of nature around you. I'm more likely to get angry at the stuff that drops out of this beautiful Golden Penda on to my car than to take the time to appreciate the beauty of the flower... Continue Reading →

Noah Creek sunrise

The edges of the day are where the magic happens for photographers. Well, at least those who live pretty close to the equator. For those of us in the tropics the sun gets pretty much too harsh for beautiful images a couple of hours after the sun pokes its head above the horizon. Something that... Continue Reading →

Looks can be deceiving

Kookaburras are so cute we can often forget that they are skilled hunters and predators. This little guy was out the front of my house and I noticed he had something in his mouth. Not content to simply fly back to his perch in a nearby gum tree he first beat the hell out of... Continue Reading →

The original artists

Long before Captain Cook ever stumbled across these shores aboriginal people had 40,000 year connection to this vast continent. Over that time, as with indigenous cultures all over the world, they developed their own creation stories and art forms. Aboriginal art is increasingly popular around the world and even artists from such out of the... Continue Reading →

Go toady go!

Cane toads. Love them or hate them they're now a part of the landscape here in Queensland, They were in fact released for the first time in a little town called Gordonvale, just south of Cairns. But just north of Cairns, in the little town of Port Douglas, they have taken the oft-despised cane toad... Continue Reading →

A crater full of fun

When it heats up on the coast it's pretty unbearable. Temperatures hit the mid-30s and, until we get some rain to cool things off again, the aircon is your best friend. But being stuck in the house all day is pretty boring. There's a reason we live in a place of such natural beauty and... Continue Reading →

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