We like ’em big in Australia

giant cassowary statue Mission Beach Queensland Australia
A giant cassowary statue in Mission Beach, far north Queensland, Australia

We seem to have a thing in Australia for building giant statues of everyday objects. There’s the giant pineapple, the giant banana, the giant sheep. And then there’s this fellow.

The Cassowary is a large, flightless bird found in far northern Queensland and Papua New Guinea. It is extremely endangered and many birds lose their lives due to man – whether it be from getting hit by a car, to being attached by domestic dogs.

There is a concerted effort to help save the Southern Cassowary in this part of the world and visitors to the area can help by slowing down on roads in areas where they live.

If you’re seeing this post on Facebook or Instagram then you can’t see the location of the statue. If you’re not a local would you care to take a guess where this statue is?

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