Street Photography in a rural city

building staircase abstract photography
Details in the side of a building in the heart of Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Street photography is fun. Just wandering around, you and your camera, looking for little slices of life to capture. Relying on serendipity. Blending in. The original reality TV.

But street photography is not so easy in a rural town. When the place you live is 20 blocks by 20 blocks it’s easy to lose yourself in the visual possibilities. When the CBD encompasses 2 blocks by 3 blocks? Not so easy.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t spend much time wandering around the centre of Cairns. Maybe familiarity breeds contempt, not sure. But every so often I do get the urge to just get out with my camera and create for myself.

This image was taken on one such wander. It is the side of one of the few multi-story buildings in Cairns and I just liked the way the shapes came together in the blue light of the shadow side of the building.

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