It doesn’t have to be distant

landscape photography tropical rainforest cairns queensland
Misty tropical rainforest-covered mountains on the outskirts of Cairns, far north Queensland, Australia

This is the view driving down a local street to get to my house. I have driven along this road thousands of times over the years. And I’m usually so busy watching the road that I never even notice this incredible view right in front of me.

Until, one particular day, I was driving along with my Dad sitting in the seat next to me. He just casually mentioned how much he enjoyed the beautiful tropical rainforests on the mountains surrounding my house. I’d never even thought about it.

How blase we become to the places we live. How often do we forget to look around the place we call home, always yearning for some far-away place where we can finally take the kind of photographs we’ve always dreamed of.

I think as photographers we have to remember that what is pedestrian for us is completely exotic for somebody from another part of the world, or even the same country if you live in a big country!

So this is a reminder to myself, as well as you the reader, to try and look at your own neighbourhood as if you were a visitor from a completely different culture and try and capture it in the way you think they might. Find the interest in what you might not consider interesting.

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