Patterns in rock

Often some of the most beautiful landscapes can be created from destruction. When the wind and rain destroy man-made structures we consider it destruction, but when it happens to hardened rock over eons it then becomes something beautiful. Delicate folds and ridges shaped by the elements which then mold surfaces that are otherwise indestructible.

Patterns in the sand

Boundaries are always interesting to me photographically. The meeting place of two environments. Think forest meets river, desert meets woodland, and in this case ocean meets land. That borderline area where the rushing water of the tide creates rivulets in the sand which almost look like rivers as seen from a plane flying high above.... Continue Reading →

Beauty in the details

Keeping with our theme of beauty in things other than grand sweeping landscapes here is a little detail that I thought was really lovely. I was walking along the path when I noticed these symmetrical little leaves on a fallen log. Nature really is quite remarkable when we take the time to get in close... Continue Reading →

Turtle Sunrise

One of the joys (and trials) of photography is being awake when the nicest light bathes the world. Which is usually somewhere before 5 o'clock in the morning. If you have aspirations of creating great photographs and you're not a morning person? You'd better learn to be. Either that or take up astrophotography!

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