Road signs and wildlife

Road signs are an often overlooked point of interest. They vary from country to country, region to region. If you're trying to drive in a foreign country they can be overwhelmingly confusing. But one type of road sign that is pretty clearly understood is the wildlife warning sign. These can be found all over the... Continue Reading →

A crater full of fun

When it heats up on the coast it's pretty unbearable. Temperatures hit the mid-30s and, until we get some rain to cool things off again, the aircon is your best friend. But being stuck in the house all day is pretty boring. There's a reason we live in a place of such natural beauty and... Continue Reading →

Roadside honesty

To be honest with you I don't know if this is purely an Australia thing. I've been to nearly 60 countries world wide and I don't recall seeing this custom anywhere else. Side of the road. Middle of nowhere. A little table with a cover set up offering local produce for sale. But nobody there... Continue Reading →

Another aerial option

Before anybody mentions it, I forgot another aerial option yesterday! Of course this is only really an option in well-known travel destinations, but increasingly hot air ballooning is offered all around the world. Here in far north Queensland there are a number of operators who can get you up into the sky for wonderful views... Continue Reading →

Not so iconic

I don't think I've ever seen a tourist at this Atherton Tablelands landmark! Well, it's a landmark for the local kids anyway. This is the Atherton Skate Park, on the outskirts of the little town that gives the Tablelands its name. Not the most exciting of places for parents so bring a good book, and... Continue Reading →

Millaa Millaa

Surely this has to be on of the most photographed waterfalls in Australia. The beautiful Millaa Millaa Falls is a short drop from Cairns, up on the lush Atherton Tablelands. Whenever visitors come we usually end up trundling up here so they can tick it off the bucket list. But, as with most iconic locations,... Continue Reading →

Farming country at heart

For all its touristy attractions and natural wonders, at the heart of far north Queensland is its agricultural industry. A short drive in any direction out of town and you'll immediately find yourself surrounded by sugar cane farms. Head farther afield and you'll discover banana plantations, avocadoes, mangoes and a wide variety of tropical fruits.... Continue Reading →

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble

  One of the highlights of this part of the world has to be the Yungaburra Markets. Held on the fourth Saturday of every month you can find everything from fresh fruit and veggies, ceramic frogs and homemade jams to, who could resist, giant bubble wands! I spotted this bloke plying his soapy wares and... Continue Reading →

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