As photographers we learn to appreciate light in all its forms. When working with natural light we are totally at the mercy of the elements, which can often mean waiting for hours, if not days, for the conditions to create the image we see in our mind's eye. When we work with flash, however, we... Continue Reading →

Street Photography in a rural city

Street photography is fun. Just wandering around, you and your camera, looking for little slices of life to capture. Relying on serendipity. Blending in. The original reality TV. But street photography is not so easy in a rural town. When the place you live is 20 blocks by 20 blocks it's easy to lose yourself... Continue Reading →

No brains, no fear

One of the joys of being a parent is you get to photograph your children doing death-defying stunts whilst looking through a viewfinder! The first time my son dropped off the edge of the big bowl at the Esplanade skate park he was four years old. At that age and size he didn't have enough... Continue Reading →

All the fun of the fair

One good hint for all your budding travel photographers. If you can, try and schedule your trip around a festival or event. They're a great way to capture images of local people having a great time, usually so preoccupied with having fun that they don't worry about the camera at all. In fact people are... Continue Reading →

Always visit the library

I love books, and as a by-product of that I love libraries. I always try to visit libraries whenever I'm travelling, even if I don't speak the language or have any idea what the books say. Libraries are a great insight into the culture of a place, and they are often to be found in... Continue Reading →

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