The original artists

Long before Captain Cook ever stumbled across these shores aboriginal people had 40,000 year connection to this vast continent. Over that time, as with indigenous cultures all over the world, they developed their own creation stories and art forms. Aboriginal art is increasingly popular around the world and even artists from such out of the... Continue Reading →

The world from above

Getting up above the world is a great way to get a whole new perspective on a landscape. You can put things in a perspective not possible from the ground, and use a longer lens to isolate parts of the environment to create abstracts from nature. If you haven't gone the drone route however (and... Continue Reading →

I think I can, I think I can

In an increasingly polluted world some of the creatures on the front line of danger are these guys - turtles. They really are survivors against the odds. On Cape York not only are the hatchlings in danger of being eaten by feral dogs, wild pigs, sea birds, fish and crocodiles, they then have to contend... Continue Reading →

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