As photographers we learn to appreciate light in all its forms. When working with natural light we are totally at the mercy of the elements, which can often mean waiting for hours, if not days, for the conditions to create the image we see in our mind's eye. When we work with flash, however, we... Continue Reading →

Baseball girls

Following on from my evolution into an off-camera flash kinda guy, here's some happy looking girls from the Cairns Junior Baseball League under lights at the new Walker Rd baseball complex in Edmonton. Both my boys play baseball and I have coached for a number of years. I don't often get to take photographs of... Continue Reading →

Always Walk Forward

To stay relevant as a professional artist you need to be constantly pushing yourself. To stay interested as an amateur artist you need to be constantly pushing yourself. For me, this image represents a major step in my development as a photographer and my ability to create different types of imagery. This is actually the... Continue Reading →

If it’s flooded…

Good thing for this sign, otherwise this bloke would have had no idea where to ride his bike! Welcome to the wet season in far north Queensland where it rains, and rains and rains. Where your washing smells like mildew, your back yard becomes a swamp, and when it finally stops bucketing down the mozzies... Continue Reading →

Not so iconic

I don't think I've ever seen a tourist at this Atherton Tablelands landmark! Well, it's a landmark for the local kids anyway. This is the Atherton Skate Park, on the outskirts of the little town that gives the Tablelands its name. Not the most exciting of places for parents so bring a good book, and... Continue Reading →

Swedish bananas

Another funny thing about the internet is that people seem to find me and my pictures from all over the globe. Sometimes that leads to work that is both unexpected and a lot of fun. This was an image I shot on assignment for a Swedish newspaper of all places. I received an email from... Continue Reading →

Champagne and celebrities

When you live kind of off-the-beaten track you don't often get the call to go and photograph someone famous. Lots of celebrities like to holiday in this part of the world but the last thing I would ever want to do is some sort of horrible paparazzi thing where you follow them around trying to... Continue Reading →

Play ball!

If you're anything like me your kids don't particularly think you're very cool. Sure they might have an inkling that what you do for a living is interesting, but for the most part they couldn't care less. Unless you make them look cool. My two both play baseball here in Cairns, with my eldest (pictured... Continue Reading →

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