Green Island scientists

The weather forecast was looking beautiful for the week I James Cook University called asking whether I was available to head out to Green Island with their researchers to photograph their field research on water quality. Seriously? I had my bathers on before I even got off the phone! I love the work I get... Continue Reading →

Play ball!

If you're anything like me your kids don't particularly think you're very cool. Sure they might have an inkling that what you do for a living is interesting, but for the most part they couldn't care less. Unless you make them look cool. My two both play baseball here in Cairns, with my eldest (pictured... Continue Reading →

In the commercial world

Back in my first post I talked about how, for many photographers, a business in the visual arts is like a Hydra. We do different types of jobs as they pop up. I've never photographed a wedding (actually I lie, I did photograph one in India that involved eunuch dancers!), pets (apart from my own) or... Continue Reading →

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