A centre of discovery

The Daintree National Park covers a vast area of over 1200 square kilometres. But the area that the average tourist gets to see? Not so vast. For those without trekking boots and an adventurous spirit your visit is restricted to a much smaller area. And for those without wings your area is even smaller! Not... Continue Reading →

The Title Image

Well that was a blunder. I just realised I haven't posted about the image that serves as this blog's logo and header. It's one of my favourite images, partly because it took a few goes to get successfully and in quite difficult circumstances. Which in and of by itself mean absolutely nothing. Seriously, all you... Continue Reading →

OK, I have a favourite

Of course no visit to far north Queensland would be complete without a visit to the rainforest. There are lots of places to visit the rainforest in this part of the world and I'm probably not supposed to have a favourite but I do, and this is it. Just north of Port Douglas is the... Continue Reading →

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