Beauty in the details

Keeping with our theme of beauty in things other than grand sweeping landscapes here is a little detail that I thought was really lovely. I was walking along the path when I noticed these symmetrical little leaves on a fallen log. Nature really is quite remarkable when we take the time to get in close... Continue Reading →

It doesn’t have to be beautiful…to be beautiful.

One thing I've noticed about Instagram, and indeed photography in general recently, is that there is an obsession with beauty. Whether it be the seeming need to put a pretty girl in a bikini in an otherwise perfect landscape, or a half-naked buff guy there seemingly for mere eye-candy. As a travel photographer this really... Continue Reading →

Surrounded by nature

One thing about living in a semi-rural area is you can become a bit blase to the beauty of nature around you. I'm more likely to get angry at the stuff that drops out of this beautiful Golden Penda on to my car than to take the time to appreciate the beauty of the flower... Continue Reading →

Tiny bursts of life

If there's one thing an editorial and stock photographer discovers pretty quickly it's that if you're assigned to photograph something you need to go deep. In this era of $1 stock photography and millions of images being added to Social Media accounts all over the world every second, well you just can't compete against that... Continue Reading →

Not all flames are hot

Australian rock icons Cold Chisel sang about them, visual artists love to paint them and photograph them, and when in bloom they bring this part of the world to life. The Flame Tree. Properly known as the Poinciana, this beautiful tree is originally from Madagascar. When they start to bloom it lets us know that... Continue Reading →

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