A life well lived

One of the best things about being a photographer is the opportunity to see places and meet people you would never normally get the chance to. I can't imagine I'm going to be a multi-millionaire any time in the near future. I don't buy lottery tickets and, as far as I know, aren't related to... Continue Reading →

The sun always shines

There's an unwritten law in travel and tourism photography. Well, it might actually be written somewhere for all I know. It's that unbreakable. And that is, the sun always shines. Finding pictures of rainy days in any tourism destination photography is a pretty unlikely scenario. Good thing for us editorial photographers that that rule doesn't... Continue Reading →

Away from the desk

You'll have to excuse the lack of posts in the last little while. I've been on holiday with my family in Vietnam but am now back in the land of heat and humidity! Stay tuned and I'll be back shortly!

Josephine Falls

Yesterday I spoke about the avoidance of icons. This picturesque place is one of those places. Although it is increasingly popular with tourists and visitors, with a couple of day trip tours now stopping off here, Josephine Falls is very much a local hang-out. You see that sheet of flat rock at the top of... Continue Reading →

Of Palms and blue skies

This place really is a cliche. Albeit an extremely beautiful cliche where you could happily spend the rest of your days. Late last year I was on a photo shoot for the YHA. Over five beautiful days I photographed four wonderful kids (I can call them that when they're half my age!) as they enjoyed... Continue Reading →

I think I can, I think I can

In an increasingly polluted world some of the creatures on the front line of danger are these guys - turtles. They really are survivors against the odds. On Cape York not only are the hatchlings in danger of being eaten by feral dogs, wild pigs, sea birds, fish and crocodiles, they then have to contend... Continue Reading →

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