Always Walk Forward

To stay relevant as a professional artist you need to be constantly pushing yourself. To stay interested as an amateur artist you need to be constantly pushing yourself. For me, this image represents a major step in my development as a photographer and my ability to create different types of imagery. This is actually the... Continue Reading →

Green Island scientists

The weather forecast was looking beautiful for the week I James Cook University called asking whether I was available to head out to Green Island with their researchers to photograph their field research on water quality. Seriously? I had my bathers on before I even got off the phone! I love the work I get... Continue Reading →

Not quite what it seems

There's no doubt about it. The beaches in this part of the world are stunningly beautiful. I mean just look at this view. Swaying palm trees, blue sky, calm, aqua water. Hang on a minute. What's that boat doing? Well believe it or not they are researchers from the local James Cook University and they... Continue Reading →

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