Miles and miles of beach

So this is one thing we're justifiably famous for here in Queensland. Miles and miles of pristine beach free from invading hordes. Yes you can pretty much find kilometres of basically empty beach on which to take a leisurely stroll. Nobody trying to sell you a sarong, offer you a massage or entice you with... Continue Reading →

We like ’em big in Australia

We seem to have a thing in Australia for building giant statues of everyday objects. There's the giant pineapple, the giant banana, the giant sheep. And then there's this fellow. The Cassowary is a large, flightless bird found in far northern Queensland and Papua New Guinea. It is extremely endangered and many birds lose their... Continue Reading →

Of Palms and blue skies

This place really is a cliche. Albeit an extremely beautiful cliche where you could happily spend the rest of your days. Late last year I was on a photo shoot for the YHA. Over five beautiful days I photographed four wonderful kids (I can call them that when they're half my age!) as they enjoyed... Continue Reading →

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