Go toady go!

Cane toads. Love them or hate them they're now a part of the landscape here in Queensland, They were in fact released for the first time in a little town called Gordonvale, just south of Cairns. But just north of Cairns, in the little town of Port Douglas, they have taken the oft-despised cane toad... Continue Reading →

Food glorious food

Food photography. It's a whole specialty to itself. Eager diners happily snap their meals before posting them to all manner of social media for their friends and followers to drool over. I don't do that. In fact I've usually completely finished eating by the time I realise I should probably take a picture. But that... Continue Reading →

Photography is patience personified

When you get to control all the elements life can certainly be a lot simpler. But for editorial and documentary photographers that's often not the case. We're there to observe and capture what is happening around us. This is how I like to work when I'm travelling, or trying to capture images for my own... Continue Reading →

Not a bad place to work

One thing that I really enjoy doing is teaching. Sharing my love of photography with others. Whether it be in the classroom, or out in the field, there's something really special about being able to share something that is such a huge part of my life with a group of like minded people. I don't... Continue Reading →

In the commercial world

Back in my first post I talked about how, for many photographers, a business in the visual arts is like a Hydra. We do different types of jobs as they pop up. I've never photographed a wedding (actually I lie, I did photograph one in India that involved eunuch dancers!), pets (apart from my own) or... Continue Reading →

The Title Image

Well that was a blunder. I just realised I haven't posted about the image that serves as this blog's logo and header. It's one of my favourite images, partly because it took a few goes to get successfully and in quite difficult circumstances. Which in and of by itself mean absolutely nothing. Seriously, all you... Continue Reading →

Of beaches and vinegar

One of the good things about being a photographer working in various arenas is that you get to photograph a topic from a wide variety of angles. Over the years I have done a lot of work photographing various researchers at James Cook University. Just before I took this photograph I had been photographing the... Continue Reading →

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