Noah Creek sunrise

The edges of the day are where the magic happens for photographers. Well, at least those who live pretty close to the equator. For those of us in the tropics the sun gets pretty much too harsh for beautiful images a couple of hours after the sun pokes its head above the horizon. Something that... Continue Reading →

The world from above

Getting up above the world is a great way to get a whole new perspective on a landscape. You can put things in a perspective not possible from the ground, and use a longer lens to isolate parts of the environment to create abstracts from nature. If you haven't gone the drone route however (and... Continue Reading →

Lizard by name, paradise by nature

Another one of those gigs where you're pretty much packed and on the plane before you've hung up the phone.   Destinasian is a wonderful travel and lifestyle magazine run out of Indonesia. They called me up to see whether I'd like to spend a couple of days photographing a luxury, no kids, island resort... Continue Reading →

Photography is patience personified

When you get to control all the elements life can certainly be a lot simpler. But for editorial and documentary photographers that's often not the case. We're there to observe and capture what is happening around us. This is how I like to work when I'm travelling, or trying to capture images for my own... Continue Reading →

Green Island scientists

The weather forecast was looking beautiful for the week I James Cook University called asking whether I was available to head out to Green Island with their researchers to photograph their field research on water quality. Seriously? I had my bathers on before I even got off the phone! I love the work I get... Continue Reading →

Champagne and celebrities

When you live kind of off-the-beaten track you don't often get the call to go and photograph someone famous. Lots of celebrities like to holiday in this part of the world but the last thing I would ever want to do is some sort of horrible paparazzi thing where you follow them around trying to... Continue Reading →

Not a bad place to work

One thing that I really enjoy doing is teaching. Sharing my love of photography with others. Whether it be in the classroom, or out in the field, there's something really special about being able to share something that is such a huge part of my life with a group of like minded people. I don't... Continue Reading →

In the commercial world

Back in my first post I talked about how, for many photographers, a business in the visual arts is like a Hydra. We do different types of jobs as they pop up. I've never photographed a wedding (actually I lie, I did photograph one in India that involved eunuch dancers!), pets (apart from my own) or... Continue Reading →

Not quite what it seems

There's no doubt about it. The beaches in this part of the world are stunningly beautiful. I mean just look at this view. Swaying palm trees, blue sky, calm, aqua water. Hang on a minute. What's that boat doing? Well believe it or not they are researchers from the local James Cook University and they... Continue Reading →

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