Turtle Sunrise

One of the joys (and trials) of photography is being awake when the nicest light bathes the world. Which is usually somewhere before 5 o'clock in the morning. If you have aspirations of creating great photographs and you're not a morning person? You'd better learn to be. Either that or take up astrophotography!

Exercise heaven

If you're a fitness enthusiast then this part of the world really is especially made for you. With warm, tropical weather all year round and a plethora of sunshine there really is no excuse not to get out and about in the great outdoors. Nowhere is this easier to see than on the foreshores of... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Pelorus

One of the advantages of writing my own blog is I get to look back on past assignments and reminisce. This was a short trip but one filled with amazing scenery and friendly people. I had the pleasure of photographing a Coral Princess cruise from Townsville to Cairns, sailing through the beautiful waters of the... Continue Reading →

Orpheus beauty

Far north Queensland is home to one of the most renowned Marine Science university degrees in the world. Done through James Cook University, one of the highlights of the course is a trip to the beautiful Orpheus Island. I had an opportunity to spend some time photographing the facilities and this was the view that... Continue Reading →

What to do with a pest

International trade and travel has brought with it the introduction of many different species of plants and animal into parts of the world they were never meant to be. Red Back Spiders in Japan, lorrikeets in New Zealand and camels in central Australia to name just a few. Usually the results are disastrous for the... Continue Reading →

The other big smoke

Or is Townsville the main smoke, and Cairns the other big smoke? I guess there'll always be local arguments about that one! Only a short four hour drive or so from Cairns, Townsville is a popular tourism destination in its own right and Castle Hill is one of its main attractions. Towering over the foreshore,... Continue Reading →

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