Go toady go!

Cane toads. Love them or hate them they're now a part of the landscape here in Queensland, They were in fact released for the first time in a little town called Gordonvale, just south of Cairns. But just north of Cairns, in the little town of Port Douglas, they have taken the oft-despised cane toad... Continue Reading →

Froggies and bananas

Sometimes the photo gods bless us. Often they just leave us fuming but every so often they throw us a bone. That was the case for this photo. I had been photographing a banana farm for a morning down in the small town of Tully, a couple of hours south of Cairns. At this stage... Continue Reading →

Canoodling Galahs

This is one of my favourite images. When I first looked up at these two galahs, a small pink and grey parrot found here in Australia, the two birds were far apart from each other. But as I was watching them the left hand bird slowly started shuffling along the wire to his friend on... Continue Reading →

What kind of mouths do frogs have?

I don't think I've ever seen a frog with a mouth like this, but I've certainly seen lots of Tawny Frogmouths like this! The Frogmouth is a nocturnal bird, which during the day has the convenient (for photographers) habit of sitting very still in the branches of trees. Often they close their eyes, seeming to... Continue Reading →

It ain’t all green

Near the coast the colour palette is predominantly blue and green. Where the rainforest meets the reef. But head a couple of hours inland and the scenery is completely different. Lush, tropical rainforest is replaced by dry scrub and eucalypts. And the sunrises! There's nothing like the blood red sky in a dry landscape. Throw... Continue Reading →

Never smile…

Crocodiles are in the news a lot lately in this part of the world. Some claim there are too many of them, some that the numbers haven't bounced back since the days they were decimated by hunting. They certainly seem to be popping up in a bunch of unusual places. Wherever the truth lies, the... Continue Reading →

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